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  Dear Colleagues,

  It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the HUPO Initiative Assembly in Kyoto on September 19 after the HUPO2013 in Yokohama. We started the Human Proteome Project in 2011 to generate the map of the all human proteins in the human body and to become a resource to help elucidate biological and molecular function and advance diagnosis and treatment of diseases. To achieve the project, Two projects: Chromosome-based Human Proteome Project (C-HPP) and Biology/Disease Human Proteome Project (B/D-HPP), and three pillars: KBpC (knowledgebase), MSpC (Mass spectrometry), and ABpC, (antibody) have been organaized.

The aim of this Kyoto meeting is to provide for all these groups a gathering in a room to understand and discuss each other. We believe this meeting will provide an opportunity to stimulate cross-group collaboration for harvesting the Human Proteome Project in the future.

The meeting will be open not only for the Human Proteome Project members, but also for colleagues who are interested in the project.
Attendance is free, but sheets are limited, therefore, we appreciate your registration through this website.

As you may know, Kyoto is the most famous historical city in Japan and a lot of old architectures built several hundred years ago and authentic Japanese culture have been preserved as spiritual home for Japanese. After the meeting, you may enjoy seeing these in the beautiful city of Kyoto.
 Sincerely yours,
Tadashi Yamamoto, Chair, HUPO Initiative
Gilbert S. Omenn, Chair, HPP
Ruedi Aebersold, Char, B/D-HPP
Young-Ki Paik, Chair, C-HPP
Hiroshi Mamitsuka (Kyoto University),
Local organizing member


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9:00 Opening and Messages from HUPO/HPP (≤15 min presentation and discussion)
  Chair: Naoyuki Taniguchi (tentative)
  de HUPO, Pierre Legrain (France)
  de HPP, Gilbert S Omenn (USA)
  de C-HPP, William Hancock (USA)
  de B/D-HPP, Jennifer Van Eyk (USA)
  de KBpC, Lydie Lane (Switzerland)
  de MSpC, Bruno Domon (Luxembourg)
  de ABpC, Jochen Schwenk (Sweden)
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45 Pre-existing Initiatives Session (≤15 min presentation and discussion)
  Chairs: Pierre Legrain & Tadashi Yamamoto (tentative)
  de HPPP, Mark Baker (Australia)
  de HAI, Jochen Schwenk (Sweden)
  de PSI, Henning Hermjakob (UK)
  de HLPP, Pumin Zhang (USA)
  de HBPP, Young Mok Park (Korea) and Lea T. Grinberg (Brazil)
  de HGPI, Hisashi Narimatsu (Japan)
  de HCVI, Peipei Ping (USA)
  de HKUPP, Yutaka Yoshida (Japan)
  de iMOP, Emøke Bendixen (Denmark)
13:00-14:00 Lunch
  Introduction of Institute for Chemical Research: Hiroshi Mamitsuka (tentative)
14:00 New B/D-HPP Initiatives Session 1 (≤15 min presentation and discussion)
  Chairs: Gil Omenn & Bill Hancock (tentative)
  de Eyeome, Richard Semba (USA)
  de Network, Amos Bairoch (Switzerland)
  de Epigenetics, Edyta Marcon (Canada)
  de Cancer, Hui Zhang (USA)
  de Chromosome 1, Ping Xu (China)
  de Chromosome 2, Lydie Lane (Switzerland)
  de Chromosome 5, Péter Horvatovich (Netherlands)
15:30-15:45 Coffee Break
15:45 New B/D-HPP Initiatives Session 2 (≤15 min presentation and discussion)
  de Chromosome 6, Christopher M Overall (Canada)
  de Chromosome 7, Mark Becker (Australia)
  de Chromosome 14, French consortium (France)
  de Chromosome 18, Alexander Archakov (Russia)
  de Chromosome X, Tadashi Yamamoto (Japan)
  de Chromosome Y, Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh (Iran)
17:00 Closing
  Senior Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB),  Catherine E.Costello (USA)


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 The venue for The HUPO Initiative Assembly is the Conference room (Uji Campus, Kyoto University).
clrNotice :
clrcaThe Uji Campus is different from main campus of Kyoto University.
clrcaThere are almost no hotels around the Uji campus.  You are recommended to book hotels near the Kyoto Station, as there are many convenient hotels nearby.
clrcaOubaku Station is the 7th stop from Kyoto Staion.
Take a local train to Oubaku Station. Don't take a rapid train, which will pass Oubaku Station.

 Access to Kyoto from Yokohama
  JR (Japan Railway) Shin-Yokohama to JR Kyoto Station: about 2 hours by Shinkansen (12,000-13,000 yen, one-way)
  dotIf you travel more in Japan, Japan Rail Pass is cheaper.
clrJapan Rail Pass : 7 consecutive days (28,300 yen)
 Access to Uji Campus from JR Kyoto Station clrMore larger map on Google

  JR Kyoto Station to JR Obaku Station on JR Nara-Line for 25 min
JR Obaku Station to Uji Campus (Kyoto University) for 5 min walk

 Uji Campus Map (Download PDF)


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 Below figure is an example sheet. (Hotels.com)
 As you may see in the Hotel example sheet, the most of hotels near the Kyoto Station are excellent and the rates are reasonable.

clrciOther hotels...
  You may book through the Internet.


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  Japan Rail Pass: 7 consecutive days (28,300 JPY)

Airports near Kyoto
Kansai International Airport (KIX) from Kyoto
dotJR Express 'Haruka' : 75min. (2,950 JPY non-reserved)
dotAirport Limousine bus: 90min. (2,500 JPY)
dotShare-ride taxi: 90min. (3,300 JPY)

From KIX to Europe and US    (June)
dotAMS (AMSTERDAM)   KL868   Departure at 10:20
dotCDG (PARIS)   AF291   Departure at 11:30
dotFCO (ROME)   AZ793   Departure at 13:20
dotFRA (FRANKFURT)   LH741   Departure at 10:00
dotJFK (NEW YORK)   CI20 (Sat)   Departure at 13:00
dotSEA (SEATTLE)   DL182   Departure at 17:05
dotSFO (SAN FRANCISCO)   UA886   Departure at 16:30

Osaka International Airport (ITM) via Narita Tokyo Airport (NRT) or other airports
dotAirport Limousine bus: 60min. (1,280 JPY)  (Time table:Download PDF)
dotShare-ride taxi: 60min. (2,200 JPY)

Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO), Nagoya
  Sightseeing guide website    (a must see!)
dotWikitravel about Kyoto